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Cook's Piano Sales and Service requests this information to expedite the sale of your Steinway grand or baby grand piano. We will not sell, give away, or otherwise provide information you supply to any third party. Information you supply will not be stored in a database, and will be used only by Cook's Piano Sales and Service for the express purposes of evaluating your piano and contacting you with a quote.

If you prefer not to supply information online, or you can more easily provide information about your Steinway-for-sale via phone, please call us at (434) 946-5344 or (540) 223-0924.

How to Sell Your Steinway Grand Piano

We Buy Steinways in Any Condition

(We are NOT purchasing upright or console pianos at this time)

We are particularly interested in Steinway grand pianos that are old and in need of repair or restoration.

We buy these from:

Individuals / Schools / Churches / Moving and Storage Companies
Estate Sales / Auctioneers / Antique Dealers / Liquidators / Demolition Services
Real Estate Agencies / Recording Studios / Theaters/ School Districts / Universities / Attorneys

We can pick up your Steinway grand piano anywhere in the continental USA.

To get started right now use the form below: please provide for us the basic information about your piano.

We provide this form as a convenience to you: so we can expedite the purchase process.

If you don't know the answer to any of the questions, just leave it blank.

If you have any questions or concerns to discuss, either email me at or give me a call at: (434) 946-5344.

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Please describe the location of the piano. For example: is the piano on the ground-floor, basement, 1st story? Is the piano near a doorway where it can be rolled out? Are there any steps leading up to your doorway? Is there a walkway that leads up to your front porch? Is there a driveway on which a moving van can park that is located at the end of your front walkway?

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